Take a deep breath

cause we’re about to take it away

Twist. Spray. Refill

eau de parfum

For every

version of you

Twist. Spray. Refill

eau de parfum

Twist. Spray.
Refill. Repeat.

Smelling great has never been this
easy. Travel friendly parfums you’ll
never have to leave behind.

Two Saints women spray

The finest
ingredients. Period.

Oils sourced from the French Riviera. Raw
materials from Brazil, Italy and Indonesia. Our
perfumers use the finest quality ingredients
available, to craft unforgettable scents which
are infused and perfected to suit the Indian
skin and climate.


Our fragrances have but one muse: You! Our collections are intricately created concoctions that help you, personify you.

TheSaint fragrances online
Twist spray Refill

chic la nuit

Your night spirit



Your morning muse

Women spray


Your default date


Women Perfume set

Experiment with our fragrances. The
Discovery Kit comes with Rs. 349 credit that
can be availed on your first full size purchase.


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